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The AEM works with the UCEM to improve corporate social training

The Asociación de Empresarios Mexicanos (AEM) signed a cooperation agreement with the Unión Social de Empresarios de México (USEM)

The AEM works with the UCEM to improve corporate social training

Mexico City, Mexico - The Asociación de Empresarios Mexicanos (AEM) announced the signing of a cooperation agreement with the  Unión Social de Empresarios de México (USEM) that was held in Mexico City last March 16, 2016.

Through this agreement, the AEM and USEM carry out a common agenda for promoting the performance of activities of interest to entrepreneurs and assist with various initiatives to strengthen entrepreneurs with a comprehensive vision of creating and; to invest and transform; seeking to create value, wealth and social welfare through employment.

The Association of Mexicans began in 1996 with a group of businessmen who, supported by the Consulate General of Mexico in San Antonio, planted the idea of ​​forming a group to support entrepreneurs and Mexican professionals to succeed in the United States and to US companies interested in doing business in Mexico.

Meanwhile, the Social Union de Empresarios Mexicanos (USEM) is a nonprofit organization that since 1957, performed pioneering work in the social training of entrepreneurs to achieve highly productive and fully human endeavors for the benefit of Mexico.

The meeting was attended by Felipe Calderon Hinojosa, former President of Mexico (2006-2012), who witnessed honor at the signing of a cooperation agreement between the two entities.

Overall, the AEM and USEM seek to strengthen the business sector through formal programs work tasks will include timetables are responsible for implementation and indicators for monitoring and evaluation.

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